Modern Stainless Steel Shower Rails

For a modern design bathroom, our stainless steel shower curtain rails are without a doubt the way to go. Key is the material "stainless steel", a good grade of stainless steel will never rust, meaning the product will last a lifetime! When you are buying a shower curtain rail, even if it claims to be made from stainless steel, we would recommend that you check it with a magnet before installing the product. Why? Simply because weve seen low grade stainless copies of these products over the years and even products that claim to be stainless, but are in fact chrome plated steel tube. The simple test is, if a magnet sticks to the stainless steel tube, it contains iron, is not "stainless" and will rust sooner or later.

Beyond the material this range offers incredible versatility, flexibility and strength. Each wall / ceiling plate has three screw holes to mount it to the wall and a grub-screw to lock the tube into the mounting plate. Just about all of the tubes can be cut down to size, if required, to fit just about any installation. We also offer an extensive range of extension brackets and bars to offer additional support and adapters to help with installation into awkward spaces.

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